Better Bonding through Technology, Quality and Service.
Technical Excellence. Always.

Our fully automated, computer controlled plant at Ambernath is world class and capable of handling batch sizes of up to 20 tonnes. Even the raw material charging is automated, so consistency is maintained for every batch.

This is backed by R&D facilities that can create new products and replicate any that we have in production. We frequently customize solutions when a customer has a particular need. There is even an R&D reactor system for testing new formulations in batch sizes of up to 5 tonnes. These facilities allow us to work with different raw material combinations to build products with the best set of properties.

Our Technical Services department studies your business, conducts technical seminars, does laminate analysis and shelf life research, and a host of other valuable studies. And the team is on hand to ensure smooth commissioning of our product at your plant.
Quality is the Key.

Our plant has a comprehensively equipped QC Lab, where quality is rigorously controlled at every stage: incoming raw material, in-production batches and outgoing finished product. As the production process is run by a PLC-based control system, perfect and repeatable reaction conditions are consistently created.

Quality is also ensured by using the best raw materials, and a sample of every batch goes to the Quality Control lab for analysis.

Furthermore, we keep a library of retained samples and routinely check them over time, and maintain statistical data on the specifications of all our products. All of this leads to a quality our customers can depend on, year after year.
Seamless Supply.

We know the importance of timely delivery and the pressures of your exacting schedule. And our supply and logistics system is tailored to it. Aside from our warehouses in Ambernath, we also have stock points all over India and in many parts of the world including Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai, Kenya and, soon, in many more countries.

In addition to our Sales team, a wide network of agents and distributors – often with their own stock points – provide a local face for customers and provide daily service.

Our products are dispatched in the best possible packaging, with weatherproof labels on colour-coded drums. We have dedicated Sales Coordination and Customer Service departments to ensure immediate deliveries. So once we make a commitment to you it will be met – at any cost.
A Business of Bonding


Brilliant Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is a specialty polymer producer with an ultra-modern plant at the Ambernath, India and a corpo-rate office in Mumbai.

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